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Stewart Accounting Services assisting you as a contractor or freelancer to fulfil your accounting and tax requirements…

To be able to trade as a contractor through your limited company you need to ensure you are trading outside IR35 legislation.

Basically IR35 seeks to tax people who are effectively working as employees for their client through the disguise of their own limited company.HMRC uses 12 questions to determine whether you are trading inside or outside IR35.  Depending on the outcome of these questions will determine if you are at high risk to be trading in IR35. 

The questions cover topics such as; have you previously been an employee of the contractor, can you send a substitute, do you use your own equipment, do you have business premises and PII and do you employ anyone. Stewart Accounting Services, that offers accountancy and tax services in Alloa can assist you with the following:

  • Reviewing your contract and assessing your IR35 risk.
  • Setting up your limited company and registering you with HMRC.
  • Setting up an appropriate bookkeeping system.
  • Advising you of the taxes you may need to be aware off including; income tax, national insurance, corporation tax and VAT.
  • Registering you for VAT.
  • Setting up payroll.
  • Advising the best structure for extracting funds from your limited company in the most tax efficient way.


Having shopped about with some difficulty in search of an accountant I fortunately came across Stewart Accounting Services Ltd. I have found they have handled my business affairs quickly, efficiently and professionally. With just starting up my business, their work has made the minefield of tax and accounts much easier for me to navigate and understand. Along with their approachable and patient manner with regard to my inexperience of financial record keeping, Stewart Accounting provides a high-quality service with prices particularly competitive to their contemporaries.

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