As the director of a limited company you are required to follow regulations with regards to displaying company information to members of the public.  As stipulated by The Companies Act 2006, limited companies are required to display the company name at their business addresses.  This article will detail where company signage should be displayed and how it should be displayed to the public, in accordance with The Companies Act 2006.

Registered office address

A limited company must display its registered name at the company’s registered office address.

In addition to this, the company name must also be displayed at any other places where business is conducted; that includes any warehouse, storage facility, workshop, depot or shop.

The exception to this rule is for companies dormant since their incorporation.  They do not need to display their company name because they are not active.  Therefore, if your limited company is active, the name should be displayed at all places of business.

My company is registered at my home address, do I need a sign there?

If you have registered your company at your residential address, then you are only required to display the name if the address is used more for business.

If your residential address is used primarily as living accommodation, then you do not require signage.

From a practical point of view, if you are conducting meetings from this address, or have customers visiting, signage would be more of a necessity.

How should the company name be displayed?

As stated by The Companies Act 2006, the company name, “must be positioned so that it may be easily seen by any visitor to that office, place or location.”

The sign does not need to be on the outside of a building, it could be placed in a window, or anywhere else visible to visitors on arrival at your premises.

Where a limited company shares a building with five or more other companies, “each company is only required to display its registered name for at least fifteen continuous seconds at least once in every three minutes.”  Therefore, signage can be shared with other companies at the address.