Stewart Accounting Services offers guaranteed fixed fees. If any additional work is required beyond our agreed fixed fees then we will discuss this in advance and advise of the fee before we carry out any work. We also offer monthly payment plans to spread the cost of our fixed fees so to assist you with your cashflow planning. Our fixed fees will be based on two main factors; level of turnover and quality of accounting records.  The better the accounting records the less work we need to do in order to produce your final accounts and tax return. We like our clients to be organised and prompt with handing in their records.  If you hand your records in within three months of your year end you will get a 10% discount on your fixed annual fee.  If you hand your records in more than six months after your year end there may be an uplift on your fixed annual fee.  We will discuss it all when we meet you. We are happy to assist with advising and implementing the appropriate bookkeeping system for your business or can provide bookkeeping services as part of our fixed fee. As a guide to what our fixed fees will be we have listed our most common types of work below: