Limited Company Communications

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Display your company information

As stipulated by the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008, company information must be displayed on all paper-based or electronic communications.

Company name

  • Your company name must be included on all business letters, promotional materials, emails, order forms, cheques, money orders, bills, invoices and receipts.  You should also spell out ‘limited’ in the company name.
  • You must display your company name on all company websites.

Limited company information: what to include in business letters, order forms and on your website.

  • Where the company is registered (England & Wales, Wales, Scotland, or NI).
  • The company’s registered number.
  • The registered company address.
  • The fact that the company is ‘limited’, unless exempt from the usual requirements to include the term.
  • If you display the company’s share capital, it should include the amount of paid up share capital.
  • If you state directors’ names on business communications, you must include all directors.
  • You should disclose whether your company is an investment company or community interest company.

Limited company information: what to include in emails.

The company information you share over email depends on the context.  If your email is a business letter, or has business attachments, (such as order forms or invoices), then it should contain the detailed information written above.  If your email is not of this nature then the company name should be sufficient.

Displaying and disclosing company information.

  • You must display the company name at the company’s registered office address.  If you are running your business from home then you do not require signage there.