Company law dictates how many individuals must be appointed to run limited companies in the United Kingdom. In previous years, private limited companies had a requirement to appoint a company secretary as well as a company director.

The good news is, since 2008, a private limited company can be run with the appointment of just a sole director. This is reflective of how businesses have changed over the years – thousands of limited companies in the UK now operate in this way, due the rise in professional services such as consultants.

You do not need to have any particular qualifications to become a limited company director, though you must be over 16, not banned from acting as a company director, or declared bankrupt.

Public Limited Companies (PLCs)

Public limited companies differ from private companies in that at least two directors must be appointed, as well as a company secretary. Additionally, the secretary must have the relevant qualifications.

Appointing and changing company directors / officers

In order to legally terminate an officer’s appointment, appoint a new officer, or make any amendments to the data held on record, you must send the relevant form to Companies House. For ease, we recommend using the Web Filing service.   

Specifically, forms AP01 and AP03 must be filled in to appoint a company director and secretary; forms CH01 and CH03 to changes your company director’s and secretary’s details; and finally, form TM01 and TM02 for terminations of appointments.

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