Tax Investigation Insurance

HM Revenue and Customs can now investigate both your business and personal tax affairs without needing a reason.

Stewart Accounting Services has teamed up with Taxwise to offer Tax Investigation Insurance should your business or personal tax affairs be subject to an enquiry by HM Revenue and Customs.
Even if your tax affairs are in order and you have no additional tax to pay if you engage us to act on your behalf you wont be able to recover our costs from HM Revenue and Customs.

With Taxwise Fee Protection Cover you can rest assured that all costs of an enquiry will be fully underwritten up to £100,000. The insurance covers the following;

  • Income Tax Self Assessment Enquiries.
  • Corporation Tax Self Assessment Enquiries.
  • Schedule 36 interventions and inspections.
  • Business Records Checks.
  • PAYE/NIC Employer Compliance Visits.
  • Value Added Tax Compliance Visits.
  • Status disputes.
  • CIS disputes.
  • National Minimum Wage enquiries.
  • Inheritance Tax enquiries.
  • Child Tax Credit enquiries.
  • Special Civil Investigations opened under Code of Practice 8 (provided fraud is disproved).

Including professional fees incurred in respect of a local review of the enquiry and preparation and representation at an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal or Upper Tribunal.

Additionally you will have access to a free Employment and Health & Safety Support Service Helpline.


Our Company recently changed to Stewart Accounting Services following a recommendation from a business colleague, since changing we now have our management information 3 weeks earlier than with our previous accountants. Marks reaction time to that and any other accounting issues has helped us react to any issues much quicker than previously which helped the efficiencies and profits within our business.

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