Online Accountancy Services

Stewart Accounting Services provides online accountancy services.

Stewart Accounting Services provides online accounts with Xero accounts, a beautiful online accounting software, and an award-winning online accounting software package and is one of the leading online accounting software providers in the UK.

As a small business owner or limited company owner, you know how important it is to keep your finances organized and up-to-date. But keeping your books by hand can take a lot of time and be difficult if you don’t know much about accounting.


That’s where Xero’s online accounting software comes in. Xero is a user-friendly tool designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses accountant, and it can help you stay on top of your finances more easily than ever before.

Xero is a popular online accountancy software that helps small businesses streamline their accounting tasks and stay on top of their finances. With Xero, it’s easy to manage invoices, expenses, and inventory, reconcile bank transactions, and keep track of time.

One of the best things about Xero is that it’s designed to save you time. You can set up automated bank feeds to import your transactions, use the mobile app to capture receipts on the go and integrate with a variety of other business apps to streamline your workflow even more.

Benefits of using XERO’s online accountancy services:

  • User-friendly software and easy to learn even if you are not an accounting expert
  • Offers a range of integrations with other business software that can assist you with running your business.
  • Monthly Subscription payment – pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes
  • Real-time insights into the financial health of the business or limited company, track key performance indicators
  • Online support and regular updates
  • Secure, accessible from any internet browser
  • Automated bank feeds
  • Bookkeeping automation
  • Customizable sales invoice templates

One app we recommend to complement Xero is Dext. DEXT Online Accounting Software is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for small business owners to manage their receipt processing.


Dext makes the processing of invoices and receipts so much easier than having to manually record them into Xero.


There are a number of ways of capturing the receipts in Dext:
  1. Using the app to take a picture of the receipt on the go on your mobile phone
  2. Your own Dext email address to email in any invoices/receipts you receive by email. (you can make the process even more efficient by giving your supplier your Dext email address and asking them to cc that address each time to a avoid you having to forward it on)
  3. Scan and drop. Save a copy of the receipt on your device and drag and drop it into the Dext online interface
  4. Dext fetch – if your supplier has a portal then link your portal with Dext and Dext will automatically check your supplier portal every few days and collect new invoices and put them into your Dext account ready to allocate.


Once your receipts are in Dext – this is when the magic happens.  

Dext will read the supplier, date of invoice, net, VAT, and gross amount of invoice and capture than together with an electronic copy of the receipt.  

You can then push the data into Xero to match against the payment when made.  

An electronic copy of the invoice is also pushed into Xero meaning you can view the invoice electronically at any time in relation to that transaction so you don’t need to keep files of original invoices and receipts anymore.

Dext can also learn where to push invoices too in Xero. 

Autopublishing can be set up so the same supplier goes to the same account in Xero each time.  Autopublish your online phone receipts every month so they end up in Xero without you having to lift a finger.

Using Dext together with Xero is a powerful combination to help you efficiently maintain your bookkeeping records.

Stewart Accounting provides full training on how to use Dext and Xero whether it is just the basics for you to upload your receipts into Dext and issues your sales invoices in Xero for us and then manage all the rest of the bookkeeping or a full training course to implement them into your business for you to use yourself and significantly save on the time you took before if you manually maintained your bookkeeping records.



Stewart Accounting has been providing a full accounts service for our Charity for about 18 months. They process all sales invoice, purchase invoices, bank payments and receipts.

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