The UK has one of the most complicated tax systems in the world. There are various deadlines and obligations that taxpayers should be aware off.

Self AssessmentThe following are the most common reasons why you would need to complete a self assessment tax return:

  • You are self employed or a partner in a partnership.
  • You are a company director.
  • You have untaxed savings or investment income.
  • You own land or property that is being let out.
  • You have a capital gain liability.

HM Revenue & Customs staff are not responsible to advise you the best way to organise your tax affairs and minimise your tax liability.

Stewart Accounting Services use HMRC approved software to:

  • Prepare your tax return.
  • Calculate your tax liability.
  • File your self assessment tax return online.
  • Correspond with you to advise your self assessment tax liability and when it is due.

Corporate Tax Return

Limited Companies are also responsible to prepare and submit a tax return. Stewart Accounting Service can assist you with your company tax obligations. We can:

  • Prepare your company’s tax return computations.
  • Prepare your company’s tax return.
  • Submit your company’s tax return online with HM Revenue and Customs together with your company accounts in IXBRL format.
  • Advise the amount of corporation tax that is due and when it is due.
  • Assist with minimising your corporation tax liability with timely pre year end tax planning.

As with self assessment tax returns, there are strict penalties and interest that will be applied if you don’t submit your corporate tax return at the correct time and pay your corporation tax by the due date.

Contact Stewart Accounting to discuss how we can assist you with your tax return.


Just wanted to thank you for completing and submitting my tax return at such short notice. You were only given a few weeks' notice before the deadline and got me out of a spot!! I'll certainly call on you again but next time give you more time to carry out the work for me.

GS - Foster Carer