Time to switch accountants?

Time To Switch Accountants

Some would rather stick with what they know, or whom they know, when it comes to accountants.  They may feel a sense of loyalty, or obligation to stay put, even if it’s not the best deal for them.

When investigating reasons behind people staying with their first choice of accountant, the same justifications come up.

There are four common reasons people stay with their current accountant:

1: “We’ve used the same accountant from the start”

Just because you have worked with your accountant from the seedlings stages of your company and beyond, doesn’t mean that you have to stay with them throughout your company’s lifetime.  You may have started out as a small business and now you have 100 employees and multiple offices and depots.  Therefore, your accounting needs have fundamentally changed.  It could be time to take a step back, re-evaluate and switch accountants.

2: “They always get the job done”

You can’t complain, you receive good advice, everything is completed on time and accurately.  Is that really enough?  Your accountant should be paying attention to your bigger picture, the direction you want to go in; and not just doing the basics.

3: “Accountants are all the same”

The above statement is just simply, not true.  When purchasing company vehicles, machinery, or equipment, you would shop around, comparing prices and functions, making sure you had the most for your money.  So why not do this with your accountant?

You should treat your business accounting in the same way.  Especially with the UK tax system going digital.  If your accountant is not technologically equipped, then you risk being left behind.

4: “Switching accountants is too much hassle”

Switching accountants should be straightforward.  Be one step ahead and check any agreement you have signed with your accountant for the terms and conditions regarding switching.

All administration should be handled between your new and old accountant to ensure a smooth transition. Your new accountant will be keen to start off on a good footing with you, therefore they will make the switching over as clean and efficient as can be.

Finally, if you are a sole trader, a small limited company or a growing business, our switching service is designed to be simple, quick, efficient and reliable.  Get in touch today to find out more without any obligations.