The Scottish Government are providing grants of between £2000 and £4000 to help small and medium sized enterprises in Scotland manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

To qualify for the grant you have to be either a;

  • VAT registered small to medium sized enterprise (basically this means less than 250 employees and less than 50 million Euro sales or balance sheet total less than 45 million Euros) or
  • VAT exempt business who meets SME conditions above

There are a wide range of costs which the grant can fund. We can assist with impact scenario planning, modelling cashflow and training

As an example we could provide the following; 

  • Initial consultation to discuss how Brexit will impact on your business
  • 3 year, 3 way profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheet monthly forecast showing 3 different scenarios ie good, bad and expected that Brexit will have on your business
  • Final consultation to discuss the forecasts and what they mean for your business

Importantly there is NO requirement that you need to be directly trading with the EU to be eligible.

The application will be reviewed within 7 working days of submission and if approved the grant will be paid to support the eligible costs claimed.

We will also be able to assist with preparation of the grant application so there is no time you need to spend on completing that either. If you wish to look into this further then don’t hesitate to get in touch and will be happy to discuss.

I suspect there will be a fund and/or time limit before this grant is withdrawn so if interested the advice would be to apply ASAP.

More information can be found here